Georgia in the Spring Time

You know how there is a song about Paris in the spring time, well I think there should be a song about Georgia in the spring time.  Today the weather was so warm that we pulled out the slip and slide and spent the afternoon outside.  I love this state!  I love being outside with my children.  Afterwards, Roman made a new friend with the neighbor boy and went over to his house to play.  Only 1 more day to the beginning of spring break.  You know what that means?  We can sleep in and don't have to get up at 6:15 a.m. which just about kills all of us.  Yahoo!  It also means I can just have fun with the children and don't have to spend my afternoons nagging them about homework. 


Unknown said…
You're spring looks like our summer!
Joyce said…
I want to run under the sprikler! It looks like fun. Enjoy! xo
Cate said…
There is! Indigo Girls: Southland in the Springtime. Check it out.

K, this is the one part of the year that I miss Georgia. It is sickly gorgeous there. Soak it up for me!

P.S. the kids are so cute!
Company EIGHT said…
Oh man, do I wish I was there with you! As I read this, I looked at my window and watched the snow fall, lol. It is pretty, but COLD, and I'm ready for spring!!!

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