Monument "cornerview"

Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park
Dachau Monument
Oh boy! I have been to a lot of Monuments which made it kind of hard to pick which monument I should choose for this post. What makes a monument? Not every statue is a monument, and all are not monuments that remember war. Monuments can be to remember someone like Martin Luther King Jr. like the new monument to him now standing tall in Washington D.C., or they can be something that is not man made like the Grand Canyon. I always thought that the Grand Canyon was a national park, but it is considered a monument. Did you know that the President can declare something a monument without approval of Congress? However, monuments may or may not receive money from the government to support it. I wish I had more free time. I had fun looking through all my old photos. Boy have I had a good life. Do you ever look through old photos and wish you could relive a moment? I guess I am digressing. As I have said, I have been to a lot of monuments, but the one that has made the biggest impact on me would be a statue located at the Dachau concentration camp. The sculpture was created by Yugoslavian concentration camp victim Nandor Glid and symbolizes the emaciated bodies of the prisoners who died of starvation and disease in the camp. When I saw this monument I cried. How was it possible that something like this occurred and the world just stood by and watched. I don't know if anyone will ever be able to answer this question, but I hope that someday we will stand up as a race and say no more.


Elizabeth said…
Powerful monuments, both. And one sobering one.
Heather said…
The Dachau Monument is very moving. The cruelty that people inflict on others is amazing. As for the Holocaust, it's scary to me that it was not that long ago.
Theresa said…
I think I would cry too, if I saw that in real life.
Kirk Klippel said…
Thank you for sharing this. That monument is very touching and I agree with your words about it.

I do look through old photos quite often. I love all of our photos from Tahoe. But, we do relive it every year in August, which I'm so grateful for, it's the best vacation.

Take care,
Dana said…
I've been to both of the places in your images. Visiting Dachau was entirely eerie for me. I felt immense sorrow as I walked through the buildings, sorrow that stays with me. I don't think I could ever go back. I can read & read and look at pictures ... but the spirit at the location was too much for my soul.

ArtyZen said…
Hello Kelleyn, found you and your amazing story on Ayak's blog where your name caught my attention (I make chocolates!)
Having read your amazing story with all four of your wonderful children, I just wanted to hop over and give you a virtual hug for your incredible positive spirit and wonderful photos - I have read Roman's story with great interest and concern. I am not a medical person, but worked in a cardio-thoracic hospital in the UK where I learned a lot about the varied and complex issues that can affect heart development. I'm so glad to read your 'heart-warming' story. Good luck and continuing health to all the family.
Francesca said…
Very powerful post and words Kelleyn.
Nice choices of corner view today...great post.
Nice choices of corner view today...great post.
flowtops said…
Dachau is a weird place. The surroundings seem to have been affected there as well. I mean, when I was there, years ago, I could sense nature being very subdued.

Great take on the post. And digress all you want - we all look at photos and remember the fun. If we're lucky, we then look up and see the fun in the present.

nadine paduart said…
thoughtful moments, kelleyn... i didn't know about the declaring of monuments as such! and yeah, monuments such as dachau make us stop in our tracks every single time, and hopefully will always continue do that so...
it doesn't bear thinking, and yet, this is what we need to do.

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