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It is only 6 weeks until we leave for Europe.  I am sure I have mentioned before, but we are spending the summer in Europe this year just like 4 years ago when I started this blog.  This time we will be living somewhere between Mannheim and Heidelberg, Germany.  At this point, I still don't know where we are going to be living exactly, and for someone who likes to have things planned out I am starting to panic just a little.  I have to keep telling myself that by the time we leave we will have a place to live.  Until then, I still have a ton to do.  I am a little embarrassed to write all this down because I know it is a problem many wish they had.  I am certainly not complaining.  I know I am indeed blessed to get the opportunity to live over in Europe for the summer.

Here is just a  list of some of the things that I need to do before we go:

  • Reserve a rental car for when we are in England.  We have decided that we are going to visit Stonehenge and given  that we don't have very much time in England renting a car is going to be the best way to visit Stonehenge and Bath.
  • Purchase a London pass.  I think this will be the cheapest way to see London.
  • Find an Indian restaurant to eat at while in London that isn't going to cost us our shirt.  I know London is expensive, but there has to be somewhere where we can eat Indian food that isn't too expensive.  Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Take big boys to the Orthodontist.
  • Take little kids to the Cardiologist.
  • Addy needs to go to her 9 month Pediatrician appointment.
  • Bookmark places to eat and hikes in North Carolina for spring break.
  • Get my hair highlighted, and a Keratin treatment so that I don't have to deal with straightening my hair all summer long.
  • Buy Christmas presents for family in Germany -that way I don't have to pay for shipping.
  • Buy boys shirts for Easter.
  • Have the neighbors over for dinner.
  • Buy summer time work-out clothes.  Tomorrow is suppose to be 80 degrees and I am sweating in my long yoga pants.
  • Officially withdraw the children from school that way I will not be arrested for them missing more than 10 days of school.
  •  Buy Addy a headband to go with her Easter dress.
  • Research things to do and see while in Sicily. 
  • Figure out how to get from airport to in Prague. 
  • Buy new church shoes for Harris. 
  • Buy teacher thank you gifts.
  • Find someone to care for the fish. 
  • Put the mail on hold.
  • Lose 13 more pounds.
  • The list could go on.  I am trying to let it not overwhelm me.  Everday as a mother I seem to wake up with a to do list.
    What is on your to do list? 


I am SO excited for your upcoming trip!! I absolutely loved Stonehenge and Bath. Actually, Bath was one of my favorite cities that we went to. [I went with Mrs. Richmond from Bartlett, just before our Senior year.] Just wait until you see the Roman Baths and the history!

Are you planning to go see the Crown Jewels, St. Paul's Cathedral and Westminster? The Jewels are absolutely amazing; St. Paul's Cathedral and the whispering tower is definitely something to do as well as the brass rubbings at Westminster.

Have a great time!
tanïa said…
Wow, this is a list...! And I'm sure: still unfinished. But don't worry, all will be fine in the end. I'm someone who prefers going on a trips without planning at all. Or at least: on the very last minute. Never had to sleep on the street. ;o) Bit I admit this doesn't work with children. So great you are going to spend summer over here in Europe! :o)
Kristin said…
That's a long list. Funny point: Christmas gifts for the family in Germany.

You will travel through Europe a long time? This is very exciting.
Dorte said…
sounds pretty important to remember to withdraw the children from school :)
and wow, what an impressive list, but it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful summer.
flowtops said…
Exciting to be on the move!

I quit to-do lists for personal use. I only have them for work now. Otherwise it would feel as if I were just hopping from one list to another, as soon as I step out of my office into the living room. I need some listless hours in the day ;-)

Menthe Blanche said…
This is a wonderful project this big trip to Europe. How many countries are you going to visit? I'm sure everything will be alright ... thanks to your long list ;)
Mezzamay said…
Wow, sounds amazing and I already live here!!!
I lawys lose my lists so I don't tend to bother :-P
It's a lot to do but you can do it you seem really organized! Summer in Germany and the rest of Europe....doesn't get any better than that!
Heather said…
Have wonderful trip and post lots of photos!

I must confess that I am "little" compulsive about to do lists. I have a long term lists work of all the projects I have to do; I have a short term list of things to do first thing when I get in to work in the morning; I have a long term home list; and a daily home to do list...
Elizabeth said…
I'm a list maker, too. Maybe not everyday but I like to have one going. I have big chalkboard for this and I have many old shopping lists living in my coat pockets.
Sounds like an exciting trip, lucky you!
Unknown said…
I wake up with a to do list every day too! A "to do" list for spending the summer in Europe would be pretty exciting though. How exciting for you!
Shauna said…
How exciting. What a wonderful opportunity. In 2006, my inlaws took all of their children (9) and their spouse to Europe courtesy of them! They paid for everything, except for souvenirs.

We went everywhere in two weeks, as a matter of fact I've been on that farris wheel!

I like your list. It looks like my list before I have a baby, hahahahaha. Well, except for renting cars and such....

This is going to be great! Can't wait for you and all of your posts!

Take care,

Francesca said…
Wouldn't it be better to do many of those things while in Europe?!
Company EIGHT said…
I am seriously SO excited for your trip to Europe. And a little jealous. :)

I know you'll get everything done, and then you'll be able to enjoy a fabulous summer! I can't wait for all your posts and pictures, so I can live vicariously through you.

Love to all--
Redeker said…
i want to come with you! sounds like a great trip! it seems nice that you are all ready enjoying thinking about it!
Di said…
How exciting! A summer in Europe! I am sure you'll have fun! I am going to Bath for a long weekend at the end of April! It is a lovely city and I am sure you'll enjoy it! Looking forward to following your journey!

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