St. Patricks Shenanigans

Pot of Gold Playdoh
Just add one Tablespoon gold glitter to this recipe.
 We tried to catch a Leprechaun but no luck.
He escaped our trap!
 I caught a little Leprechaun.

 He turned the water in the toilet green.
 The Leprechaun made total havoc in the kitchen
by knocking over chairs, opening all the cabinets, and leaving a rainbow in his wake.
The Leprechaun left us his favorite green foods
along with green milk and rainbow pancakes.
Roman didn't want to drink the milk
because he was afraid he would turn into a Leprechaun.

The boys had fun celebrating St. Patricks Day!  We finished off the celebration with fish and chips!


Sherri said…
What NEAT ideas and decorations. Fun foods too. I bet the little ones really enjoyed it.
Thanks for stopping by my InstaFriday. I am SURE you have seen the sign before. ;-) I still love seeing them painted on old barns and buildings.
Unknown said…
Wow! You guys really know how to celebrate.
Wow what a fun Holiday in your house....I love that age of kids you have to really play into the spirit of things. Great pictures! Have a wonderful Monday!
natsumi said…
Hope you had a wonderful St. Patricks Day. I love green.
I saw lots of people wearing green shorts last weekend.
These photos are great! Fun!
Joyce said…
This is a great idea!! I love it!! I hope it was a good one. xo

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