Insta-gram Friday

 Homemade Bread deliciousness

 Saturday morning at the gym.
Zumba baby

 Oh yeah 80 degrees baby!

 I heart my baby!

 He's trying out to be a Leprechaun.

Winston sparring at the Karate Tournement.

I am 1/3 through my to do list.  Found the cutest Easter Polo's for the boys.   Can't wait to share with you some of my Etsy purchases. I  love Etsy!  If you have never visited Etsy, you are totally missing out.   Tons of great homemade items.  Roman asked me when he becomes 21 if he can stay home like me.  I guess he thinks I sit around and eats bon bons all day long.  Addy started crawling on Tuesday.  I guess her days as a baby are numbered, but she will always be my baby.  Well, I am off to catch the Leprechans.  See you on Monday!  Happy Weekend!


Francesca said…
Happy weekend, don't eat too many bon bond :):)
Emily said…
That leprechaun! That heart! Oh my goodness!

It looks like you've been busy lately! :-)
Shauna said…
I need to do an insta-gram post too. I'm the only one who hasn't. Ha! Great time. And 80 degrees? It's pouring down rain, windy and freezing here. I love it!!!!! Take care and happy weekend to you too!

tinajo said…
I agree - Etsy is fantastic! Nice pics, enjoy the weekend! :-)
Arctic Mum said…
Happy weekend, am waiting for Anna to start crawling, she tries to raise up on all four, but for now she just looks at me when I try to make her come and get something.

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