Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and Other Happenings!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Bryson and Roman

2 doves sunbathing on my porch.
I love hearing them coo.

My latest Etsy purchase!
 Mustache Happiness!

 Winston loves being silly!

 I voted did you?

 Getting ready for spring and our trip to Europe next month.
New haircut!
 Yummy Banana Vivano! 
Makes me so happy and it full of protein
great after a workout.
Mint chip Whoopie pies in
celebration of March and St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Spring Feet!
Love these shoes!
So happy it is warm enough to wear sandals again.

Oh, and we did participate in the insta-food drive, but I forgot to take photos!

Have a Happy Weekend!


Lani Derrick said…
Great pictures!The globe is awesome!! I would love to have you link up at my first ever link party today!

Kirk Klippel said…
What a cute post. I love the Dr. Seuss hats!!! I love your hair and I can't believe you are going to Europe for a month did you say? Amazing. It will be the time of all of your lives-I'm sure. Take care,

kristir29 said…
Hi there! Stopping by from Life Rearranged...your pedicure is so cute! Your post inspired me to make a sweet treat...perhaps something green for March and St. Patty's day too. Have a good trip!

Take Care!
Francesca said…
You're coming to Europe next month? You once asked about the Cinque Terre, sorry I didn't reply - as far as I know the Vernazza train station just opened again recently.
Unknown said…
I love the Dr. Seuss hats. And I can't wait for sandal weather!
Jonnique said…
Love you pics! #insta-friday love! Your newest follower!!!
Holly said…
I love the Dr Seuss hats and the moustaches!
Cute silly kids! Love your haircut and sandals! I wish it was warm enough for them! Have a wonderful weekend!
Big Apple Mami said…
found you through Instafriday! Looks like a fun week! Love the sandals! cannot wait to start wearing them around here too!! Hello Spring!!
;) said…
Lovely series, for your lovely family :)
tinajo said…
Nice pics - and I love your Etsy find, super! :-)
Emily said…
I love all these pictures! Your spring feet! And oh my, those Dr. Seuss hats are precious!
Jen Price said…
Love those Dr. Seuss hats! A trip to Europe sounds amazing. Have a great time!

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