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The day didn't look promising as the dark clouds loomed above with an unspoken promise of rain, but what the clouds didn't know was the sun was stronger and it was going to fight those clouds for it's debute.  The air was warm and sticky and it was definately too warm to wear a sweat shirt but not yet unbearable, and with each breath my nostrils filled with the smell of new grass and earth.  The forest was noisy with activity as birds called out to each other, frogs croaked in what sounded like a very large chorus, and squirels shifted the leaves looking for nuts.  Just 6 weeks ago I could barely walk two miles, but today I easily walked 6 miles and I wanted more; however, life does not wait as children need to be picked up from school, laundry in need of  folding, and a hungry baby in want of food. No need to fret because tomorrow you will find me in the same place walking the trail.  I cannot even tell you how happy walking in the forest makes me.  The trees stand as sentinels watching over me.  It is not something that can be chosen at this point.  I crave it!  My soul needs this time each day.  Sometimes like today I have a friend or two with me to make the time go faster with good conversation and other times I am alone but that is OK too because then it gives me time to solve the worlds problems.  I have lost 13 pounds and I am proud because for someone who loves food so much that is no easy task.  It is Friday and for that I am grateful.  Tonight after the boys finish their German homework for tomorrow, I think I will take them to the movies to see the Lorax a children's movie based on the book by Dr. Seuss who we celebrate today even though he has since passed away.  He gave the gift of whimsy and surprise to  millions of children who have read his books.  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Now go enjoy the weekend! 


Kirk Klippel said…
What a cute post. I do a hike every Sat. morning with some friends. We hike about four and half miles in a really pretty foresty type place too.

Have fun at the movies and thanks so much for your comment about your son and the priesthood. I know we will have the same special experience.

I love your blog. Take care, and happy weekend,

I tagged you on my blog...play along if you like. Have a wonderful weekend!
jane said…
You go girl! And i'm so glad you've got the world's problems covered. :)
Congrats on your exercise routine and weight loss....I'm looking forward to warmer weather and walking again.
Emily said…
Your walks sound so refreshing! And congratulations on the 13 pounds. You've earned it!
Beth said…
Wonderful post! Every parent needs that time to unwind and destress. My son gets up at 4:30 to have that time at the Y.
I have started at our local fitness center and it is helping so much with my fibromyalgia and osteo-arthritis. I haven't lost weight yet, but some clothes are fitting slighly better. Walking is hard on me, but I can use the hydraulic exercise machines and the bicycle.
Good luck on your quest for walking each day.:>)
tinajo said…
Progress is always fun - keep up the good work! :-)
Francesca said…
You should be very proud - for carving that time for yourself (I can just imagine how hard it must be) each day.
Your family is beautiful!! Love your blog. Newest reader!

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