9 months

I can't believe 9 months have passed.  Addy is changing so fast.  This week she got her first and second tooth in which completely explains the amount of whining this past week.  She also learned how to crawl about a week ago, and now can move across the room in lightning speed. It amazing to see her flip over from her back and go for something that catches her eye.  She loves to stand though and every chance she gets she will hold onto your fingers and try to walk somewhere.  She is still not sleeping through the night which explains for my raccoon eyes, but I just can't let her cry.  Yesterday, I handed her to a friend of mine and she looked at my friend and started to cry.  The minute she was placed in my arms she was completely happy.  That surprised me because I didn't really think she cared who she was holding her.  She also recognizes her name. 


Ayak said…
She's just gorgeous Kelleyn, and yes the time moves on so quickly. I can't believe that my two grandsons will be 1 year and 3 years old next month.
She is so sweet and growing so fast! I could never let Katelyn cry either....there only babies a short time...she will sleep and soon she'll be a teenage that you can never get out of bed!
Arctic Mum said…
We're on the same path, only no crawling yet. She turns her head when she hears her name and first tooth is here.
Dana said…
Amazingly sweet, this little girl of yours.
Shauna said…
I love this picture, so precious. It goes by so fast. It's amazing really. Take care, and have a great weekend.

flowtops said…
She's darling.

I think she knows you by heart (or perhaps she's grown accustomed to your 'raccoon eyes').

tinajo said…
So, so sweet! :-)

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