Simple Pleasures

Besides ice cream and chocolate there is nothing better in life than bubbles. Roman has had a fantastic morning dancing in the kitchen with his mom and learning how to blow bubbles, and his mom has had a fantastic morning kissing those luscious puckered lips. Bliss!


Company EIGHT said…
I live for those moments!!

Oh, and I got my denim couches at Value City, about 5 years ago. We love them--they were a great price, and very comfortable!
Crazy Campbells said…
He is so big!

We are good over on the South side of Atlanta. It is alot different then Roswell but we love it. We miss eveyone over there though! How are you guys? How is Roman? He looks like a happy healthy boy!
Unknown said…
Hi Cute Roman! I love the pics - I should get the bubbles out. We've actually had a few sunny days lately, but other than that its been so cloudy and dreary not to mention BORING! I bet Kels would like that.

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