The Dead Sea and Masada

The Dead Sea and Masada are a must if you go to Israel.
Masada was built by Herod as an Escape from the Romans.
When the Romans found out that there were people living there.
Mostly the highly Religious.
The Romans attacked.
However, when they got to the top everyone had committed suicide.
The water was too cold for me, but Frank was brave enough.
He said it was an amazing feeling floating on the water.


my life: said…
WoW!!! What an amazing experience. I am anxiously awaiting...more.
:0) I had not seen this blog of yours before...I'm enjoying, learning more about your family. Safe travels! :0)
I have to say I LOVE the pictures! Maybe some day we'll get there.
Andi said…
What an incredible trip... yeah, I'd say your family loves to travel! I look forward to seeing where your travels take you in 2009.

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