A chapel left behind by the crusaders

Amalya, me, and Joe along the coast

Transportation on Fridays and Saturdays can be tricky because of the Sabbath. Taxies can be found, but this can get expensive depending upon your destination. Tours still run, but all the public bus service ends at sundown along with train service. Frank's colleague Amalya offered to take us to Caesarea which is on the coast north of Tel Aviv, and we accepted happily. We had a fabulous time with her and Frank's other colleague Joe who were both from Israel. Caesarea was built by Herod for Caesar as a resort town in the year 30BCE. There is the town of Caesarea and the Caesarea that I am talking about which is apart of the National Park Service. It took 12 years to build the city. The architecture is amazing and the engineering is nothing less than a completely sophisticated. The town over the years has been under various rulers and can be seen in the layers of current archaeological excavations. The park service offers a really nice hands-on exhibit that provides information about the history of the city and a short 20-minute movie that is worth seeing.


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