Turkey Wrap Up

Hi!  I just wanted to post a few more photos of our trip to Turkey.  I love that when we talk about Turkey my husbands eyes light up and infact I think he is sold on all-inclusive resorts.  Yes, we probably could have gone toTurkey for a lot less, but I have to say there is something nice about not having to worry about if your kids don't like the food because you can just pick something else out, not having to pay for every little drink, and having a day care program for the kids. While the daycare service wasn't all day, it was nice to get a few hours each day to relax and actually have a meaning full conversation with my husband without our sweet little ones interrupting. It was nice not to have to worry where we should go eat and whether or not the restaurant was going to be kid friendly.  It was nice to have the option of whether to go to the beach or the pool, and not have to worry about shleping an umbrella and chairs.  We have been home over a week and the kids are still talking about the fun crafts they made, sliding down the slides with their papa, and the dance party each night.  Each night we had the opportunity to attend a live performance mostly dance acts that were just amazing; especially, the tribute to Michael Jackson. We stayed at the Ayscha Papillion and we booked our trip through Tui ( this is not a paid indorcement.)  The food was amazing!  So many choices and not just for adults, but for the children too. I know this won't be our last trip to an all-inclusive resort, and I can't wait to go back to Turkey again someday.  Now, I just need the ban on American visa's to be lifted.


Sharon Wagner said…
Wow! What a spread. It is obvious that the kitchen artists were happy at work.
DUTA said…
Your culinary photos look professional. Turkey has great food products but I don't know much about their cuisine.In a middle eastern country, I'll usually look for the local specialties; lachmajoun/ shawarma, hummus, techina with the addition of chips and veggies.. Children greatly enjoy that too.
Tom said…
...Kelleyn, what delicious looking treasures! Your family sure is living an adventure. Thanks for stopping by, please come again.
Even though I do not always post a comment, Kellyn, I do enjoy reading your blog posts and also seeing all the fun you and your family are having living abroad. We have never been to an all-inclusive resort (or any resort for that matter) but from what you posted it sounds like a wonderful time was had by all...and those food images looked delicious even without sampling them myself!
Hi Kellyn
This looks like a fabulous resort for families! The food looks so amazing--wow!
Sharon said…
Looks like SO much fun!Sometimes it's worth extra money for the convenience of knowing where to eat and all the perks you had with this resort. That food spread -- oh my! Perfect for kids who have different preferences. And I'm sure the kids enjoyed your trip!
Looks like a great place & fun had by all!
Such beautiful shots Kelleyn you certainly look like you had a great time.

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