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Harry Potter has now captivated my children for a better part of 10 years or more!  It started out with my first son Harris, then Winston, an now Roman. Roman has read all of the books. While the idea of wizards an witches doesn't thrill me so much I know that it is all just fantasy.  I am glad that my boys have found something they like to read.  It will be interesting to see if the girls get into it as they get a little older. This post has been coming for a long time, but I am been so busy that I somehow forgot to post it. In the spring we took Roman to Universal when we were vacationing in Orlando and he really loved it. Then he discovered that there was a play and a Harry Potter World in London and began to plead his case with his dad to go. The boys usually get one big trip with their dad.  The older boys have both gone scuba diving; however, Roman will probably never be able to scuba dive because of his heart condition. After much discussion, we decided that though expensive we would grant Roman his wish to go to England. Getting tickets weren't easy either, so if you ever want to go than you must begin planning early. The trip was short as my husband was in the middle of finishing his book and didn't have the extra days to spare in London. They left on a really early morning Saturday flight getting them into London just shortly before 8 a.m. and from there they headed into the city where they rode on the London Eye.  Afterwards, they did a quick walk by of Westminster Abby and Big Ben  followed by lunch and dropping off their bags at the hotel before heading over to the play. Yes, there is a Harry Potter play.  It covers the book The Cursed Child.  They play starts at 2 p.m. an there is a short break in between acts followed by a break for dinner and then the second part of the play starts in the evening. You can of course buy tickets for just part 1, but I can't imagine only seeing one part an not the other. The second day which was Sunday, they ran over to Victoria Square where they caught their tour bus out to Harry Potter World. The studio is about 40 minutes out of the city an you can do this without going on a tour, but the regular tickets were sold out and we just thought it would be easier to with a tour because the transportion getting their would have required a few transfers. Roman learned all the ins and outs of how they made the movie.  He drank Butterbeer an ate Butterbeer Ice Cream.  He saw the sets and the costumes.  He was in Heaven! Apparently, the traffic was pretty bad getting into the city, so they had to nix their plans to see Buckingham Palace, and make a mad dash for the airport to catch their flight home. When Roman got home, I asked him how his trip was and he burst into tears. I asked him why he was crying thinking he must have been disappointed, but he said no he was crying because he loved it so much and loved London.  He didn't want to leave. London is a pretty great city.  I wish we could have gone with him, but the girls are just too young to appreciate all things Harry Potter and would probably be even scared over some of the stuff they would have seen.


NatureFootstep said…
how cool, I would like to visit that place :)
Anonymous said…
The smile on Roman's face in every photo shows just how happy he is with his special trip. Wonderful parents to make his his dream trip come true. London is a very special city. Worth a second visit some day. Susan
WOW what a wonderful trip for Roman and his dad and even better is that he got his wish. We also read every Harry Potter book and also saw and have all the films. One day we hope to get to London too and have as much fun as your son and husband did! (We are very big kids.)
Chatty Crone said…
What a wonderful trip - wish I could travel more. Hope they know how blessed they all are!
Hello friend!! lovely trip and pictures.. Have a nice weekend..
Denise inVA said…
What a great Father and Son Trip! Roman will remember this his whole life. I am so happy for him, and your hubby. What a special daddy he is too, considering how busy he is. Love this story and all the fabulous photos and videos, thanks for sharing them.
Jeanna said…
It's funny you posted about this because we just had a HP fest that was a disaster. Thousands of angry and disappointed fans.
SO, I am very glad your little guy had the time of his life and I would have loved to do this. Harry Potter has a special meaning for me and my nephew who we lost two years ago. And London is the one place I've always wanted to visit since I'm a bit of an Anglophile.
Fantastic pictures and I have to know what his butterbeer tasted like.
You are great parents.
Revrunner said…
Enjoy Cobh. Spring's a great time to visit.
Like your photo. Yes, I am also a Harry Potter fan. Also got a laugh out of your blog name, Likeschocolate. Yes, me too. Thank you for your comment on my blog today.
Roman's smiles say it all. He had a truly wonderful time, and has memories to treasure.
I love the idea of special trips/events with the family.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, what a great trip for Roman. My family are Harry Potter fans too.

Great collection of photos. Enjoy your weekend!
carol l mckenna said…
Love Harry Potter ~ wonderful reading for all ages ~ Thanks for your visit and warm comments ~ handsome family you have

Love and light,
A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Marleen said…
It was clearly the adventure of his life, big smiles on every photo!
Hiya - oooh Roman was there the other day - how can I tell ... well the scaffolding was about that height when I went up to London about 4 weeks ago ... and now it's higher! Looks like they had the most amazing time ... lucky chaps ... both boys look like they're so enjoying themselves!!!

Excellent photos too = sorry it was so short ... yet a big date ahead in the future ... to see more - mind you ... a lot was achieved in that 2 day trip ... incredible ... please come back Roman - we'd love to see you ...

Tonight we have JK on tv talking about magic et al ... and a new exhibition at the British Library ... I'm not going to be able to get up to see it unfortunately - things happening...

Lovely post - cheers Hilary
Buckeroomama said…
So cool! My kids would love to visit that place. I did take them to the Philatelic Museum in Singapore when they had a Harry Potter exhibit. That will have to do for now.
Cheryl @ TFD said…
I can see by the smiles on your son's face that he had a wonderful time! He will remember this trip always. I've never been to London but it is on my bucket list. If only I can talk my hubby into going some day. He doesn't like to get too far from home. :)
Have a nice week!
xx Cheryl

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