Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Heart

Hi!  I can't wait to share more photos from our trip, but I just realized that the majority of my photos are on my iPhone and of course it is dead at the moment.  Usually, I don't take many photos with my iPhone, because I don't think the quality is very good but I was worried that my camera would be stolen at the beach and that sand would get into the components and break it.  I did bring it out one day and I will share those photos soon; however, I will share a little photo shoot I did with my children one evening before dinner.  The light was so pretty as the sun was beginning to set creating a pink glow. These babies have my heart and I am sure missing my other two tonight.  I still can't believe I am a mother to an adult now and in a month he and my husband will be packing up his things to take him to college.  Winston is currently hanging out with his grandmother and grandfather along with a slew of other relatives in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Well, it is 1 a.m. here in Germany.  I better get to bed!  Hope you are having a fantastic week!  We are off to go hang out with some friends at a trampoline indoor park in the morning because it is suppose to rain today. See you around!


Jeanna said...

Hope the weather is nice in Germany, sure isn't here. A trampoline park sounds like the kind of fun I'd like several years ago. The portrait shots are incredibly sweet with a nice background blur. I'm afraid of sand in my camera as well but if I had an iPhone don't think I'd take it on the beach either. I had a nice little tough camera last summer but it pooped out. I was just trying to figure out what to take to a large outdoor water park, especially since lockers start at $10 bucks.

Sharon said...

Your little loves are all adorable! You got some warm smiles from them. The quality of your phone photos is really fine. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between my good camera photos and my phone photos (though sometimes it's apparent!).

Indiana jones said...

She is so cute, god bless her.

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jeannettestgermain said...

If you wouldn't have said anything, I would not have noticed the difference in pics, Kelleyn - it's great to have kids who are so good in striking a pose:):)