Frankfurt Zoo

We are officially on our way to Italy.  Yahoo!  I am so excited!  I love Italy and even better we are going to Elba which is located about an hour ferry ride off the coast of Italy. We are stopping in Zurich for two days first to visit friends; however, before we move on to photos of Switzerland and Italy I need to catch up on photos from our first month here in Germany. The first week we were here in Germany we took the train into Frankfurt and went to the zoo. The day at first didn't look promising but by the end of the day the sun came out and the kids had a fantastic time. I should note though that the Frankfurt Zoo is under partial construction and it is not my favorite zoo. The Stuttgart Zoo and the Berlin Zoo are the best. One of problems with the zoo is that it is hard to see the animals. Many of the enclosures are over run with grass which is fantastic for the animals because they can hide, but makes it difficult to see the animals. One fun fact we learned is that Giraffes have really strong hearts. The need this because they have such a long distance between their heads and their hearts.  The children once again had fun playing at the play ground and enjoyed eating fresh waffles covered in Nutella and powder sugar.


Swan Li said…
Buon viaggio! Enjoy!
Holly said…
That gorilla was posing for sure. i was just saying one day I need to visit Italy so I'm excited to see your travels!
Sharon said…
Any zoo is fun for kids, in my experience! We went to the tiny zoo in Saginaw, Michigan, and the kids had a ball. Your trips sounds dreamy!
Leggio said…
How is Germany? It looks like your settling right in.
You are true travelers -- you and your family. How very exciting for everybody.
What a wonderful and informative post. Great travelers. So stunning pics you shared. Thanks.

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Kurtis Miller said…
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