No Words Needed

Today I am without words.  A little in shock from last nights elections.  How did we get to that place anyway?  A place where no one really liked either candidate, but choose one out of civil duty or as some might say the lesser of two evils. There has been plenty of talk on the matter and let's just leave it at that.  Today I had the opportunity to shoot this darling couple. So full of love and full of hope with their lives all but before them.  Aren't they lovely?  The grass was dreamy too!  I heart photography!  Grateful for the opportunity to be able to capture this moment in time.  Have a great week! 


Martina Rau said…
Simply charming this couple and your photos!

Greetings from Germany
Marvelous photos of this wonderful couple. Great captured !
Best, Synnöve
Christina said…
Your pictures are beautiful! Well done!
Kirsi Gembus said…
Love, love, love is all you need - I think at this song from the Beatles.
Great photos in a wonderful field!
Anonymous said…
Great photos, Kelleyn! Somehow I did not realize your husband has a Dutch heritage! Yeah, let's not talk politics, it was all a little too intense for me. Am still a Dutch citizen, so I couldn't vote. The most disappointing was what people did or tried to do to steer the outcome. See you in a few days, friend:) Hope you are progressing with all the visas and passports!
Buckeroomama said…
What a lovely couple!
bettyl-NZ said…
They are just adorable together!
NatureFootstep said…
a beautiful couple. :)
Jeanna said…
It's nice to see what is hopefully a couple that respects each other. Lovely golds and sunshine.
CountryMouse said…
Gorgeous shots!
Over here in Aus we are also looking on in bewilderment at the elections there. We do however know the feeling of trying to choose the lesser of two evils at election time.

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