More Photos of Our Sweet Ivy

Those cheeks don't they want to make you kiss all over them!  Hang on baby girl we are coming to get you.  At the moment, we are currently waiting for our Letter of Acceptance or LOA, this document is a letter from China that says they accept our petition to adopt her. The current turn around on this document is around 42 days.  We are about 4 days into the wait. Once we have this document. We then sign it and send it back to China where they then notify our immigration department that we will be bringing this little one home. Travel usually occurs within 8 weeks of this document.  We are shooting for the beginning of May.  In the mean time nesting has begun. I need to sort through the girls clothes and get rid of the ones that will no longer fit and make sure we have enough for the current summer season.  I have some friends who will be traveling to her orphanage in March, so I am hoping to get a report back in regards to whether or not she drinks from a bottle. We don't have any of those laying around the house, so if she does than it is off to the store.  We will be sending her a care package soon that will include photos of our family along with a few items like a USB drive to obtain any photos of her they might have and a few treats for her and her friends to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year!  We would love for you to join us in prayer that she is being treated well and that her heart is ready to accept us as a family.


crikeys! i hadn't registered. you guys!! you wonderful parents!!
good luck and keep us posted and congrats. x n♥
Kayni D said…
sending my prayers and hugs! she looks adorable. i hope and pray everything works out. keep us posted!
Sharon said…
Praying the adoption goes through smoothly. What a little doll baby!
oh that is so exciting for your family. We have two boys adopted from Taiwan, and only just brought our youngest home just before Christmas. hope the wait is quick!
Swan Li said…
She is adorable!
Shauna said…
So excited for you, can't wait! She is precious beyond precious. I am keeping you all in my prayers. Love,

Shauna xo
Jazzy Jack said…
How exciting...and nerve wracking!
She is so totally adorable.
Wishing you well in your new adventure.
Xo Jazzy Jack
Brooke Neal said…
What a darling. Hate that it takes so long for paperwork to move along!
Paige said…
oh my word!! I'm just catching up, had no idea you were going back!!! Whoo hooo!! So very happy for you!!!
Francesca said…
hope Ivy can be with you as soon as possible! Good luck with the paperwork!
How exciting! It must be so hard to wait when you see these photos of Ivy! Wishing you a smooth adoption! Blessings!

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