A New Year on The Road

A brief stay in Nashville attending a wedding reception and visiting friends then found us in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  A few years ago, I took a photography class on-line and through that class I met a woman who was also in the process of adopting from China. We kept in contact and this past fall she came with her family to Atlanta. Anyway, we decided to visit them on our way home. In and of itself, Winston-Salem isn't that special.  Upon first glance my mom and I were scratching our heads for why any one would want to go there, but the city holds a hidden gem in it's historical preservation of the it's early settlement.  The town was settled by the Monrovians a group of people similar to the Quakers who were escaping religious persecution. If you ever visit, don't forget to stop in the bakery and try some of the sugar bread!  Super yummy! The girls had so much fun playing with Carolina and we enjoyed visiting with her parents.


Kari said…
i love travelling to places and finding those hidden gems.

your pictures are so cute.

Happy New Year!
Swan Li said…
A happy new year for your and your wonderful family!
Tom said…
How I love living history museums! Thanks for taking me along.
Leggio said…
Love that the girls are dressed alike. Cora and Mia love to match even though they are about four years apart in age. So sweet.
waw, this is great, i would love visiting such places, transporting me to the past...

i'm wishing you all a very great new year.
all my love,

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