A New Addition

I don't think one ever leaves China with their heart whole.  I mean who can witness the thousands upon millions of children living their lives in orphanages, and while living in an orphanage is certainly a much better place to live than on the streets it is not the same as living in a family.  We thought our family was complete when we added Avery to our family two years ago, but month after month the feeling that we could do more just wouldn't go away. Certainly 5 children today is a large family and now we will have 6.  Some may think we are crazy; however, how could we say no when we have been so blessed.  Blessed beyond measure. We have a beautiful home and my husband has a fantastic job.  There are a lot of what if's in this life, but one of those what if's we didn't want to think about was saying no to this amazing opportunity to bring this sweet little girl in our home.  What's her name?  We are going to name her Ivy Margaret, and she is 20 months old.  She lives in Henan province and is currently living in an orphanage about an hour away from where Avery was born.  If all goes well, we should be traveling to China around the beginning of May.  The children and especially Addy and Avery are so excited to have a new baby sister and we are excited to have a new sister.  


Crying tears of happiness over here for you. I have goosebumps and a heart filled with joy. Oh gosh, this is wonderful. so happy for you all. Ivy Margaret is beautiful
Congratulations ! She is precious !!! So very happy for you :)
Di said…
Congratulations....she looks adorable....how sweet and I am sure the girls cannot wait for a little sister (and I am sure the boys cannot either!)
Francesca said…
hugs to your growing family
Anonymous said…
She looks so sweet - Congratulations!
Holly said…
Oh Bless your heart and home, this is exciting indeed, wow 6 kids!
Ayak said…
You have a big heart Kelleyn. Well done for giving yet another child the chance of a good life xxx
i smile. whoah. beautiful.
Ibb Ibnz said…
Congratulations and a lot of patience with all the papers and so. That girl is lucky, she is joining a great family.

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