Twilight "Corner View"

As the sun dips belows the horizon the light lingers as if not wanting to say goodbye, and in those last moments of light we call Twilight lovers take one last walk along the beach, friends relish in each others company, and lines form at local ice cream shops here in Massachusetts.  What is summer with out ice cream?  I can see why so many flock to the Cape as it is truly magical.  The sand is so pretty and white, the water is warm, and each and every house looks like Martha Stewart took her magic fairy wand over it creating the homes and gardens fit to been in any Better Homes and Gardens magazine or Architectural Digest.  I wish I had a Go-Pro to put on top of my car as then you would have been able to join me in my drive around the Cape.  Honestly, it was all I could do not to get out of my car ever 5 seconds to take pictures, but it was dinner time and the children were hungry.  We stopped in the town of Dennis, and went to a restaurant called the Chapin's where we enjoyed a basket of hot sourdough rolls lathered in butter, pan seared cod with linguine and a white wine cream sauce, and for the children penne with red sauce.  The food was so good. The atmosphere brought me back to when I was a kid and I would go with my Auntie's who would be all dressed up and ladened with pearls for lobster dinners at the beach.  Afterwards, we drove over to the Ice Cream Smuggler. The girls had Cookie Monstah as they say here in New England, I had the raspberry yogurt with chocolate chips and chocolate truffles, Winston had the chocolate peanut butter, and Roman had cookies and creme.  It was the perfect evening to end our day at Plymouth and at the Cape.


Francesca said…
lobster in pearls sounds like perfection to me :)
jgy said…
What a great summer, and your writing is so rich in flavor!!
I love that first photo right now missing the beach, to be in the ocean at twilight, just heavenly!!♡
PS hope you will get to Mt Fuji one day with your family!!
Anonymous said…
You are making me hungry for ice cream, and equally hungry to get in my car and drive down to the Cape and walk the beaches. I just might do it, too! Thank you for that inspiring post!
glooooooorious! i'd be joining you stepping outta car and try and reach out for those beautiful homes... oh, and ice cream to end a perfect day... sounds so delicious...! n♥ great pics too!!
Anonymous said…
the girls really look like they enjoy those ice creams :)
Kari said…
you're 2nd photo could be anywhere in the world.
I love the homes in the US - always so big and mostly all on one level. Not like the homes I've seen here.

Thanks for the theme.

Tera said…
This post is so beautifully written. Beaches and twilight do go together. Wonderfully! Your photos are full of life as well!

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