The Quinn's

When I was 10 my mother re-married and I was adopted into the Quinn clan. My mom had a thing for New England guys.  It must have been  their accents, but who knows it just kind of worked out that way that the fathers in my life were from Massachusetts.  My step-father passed away from cancer when I was 19.  He died a little over 4 months after being diagnosed.  We lost contact for a few years with my step-fathers family; however, through Facebook we were able to reconnect again. What a blessing!  It is so fun to see how my step sisters children and mine get along. The adore he other!  It wasn't always that easy for her and I as I was 5 years younger and I lived with her father and she didn't, so you can only imagine the pain for her; especially, since she only got to see her father every couple of years. On Sunday, we met at my uncle Brian's house along the banks of the river.  It was a perfect afternoon and while hot we were blessed with a cool gentle breeze.  No one wanted to say goodbye when it was time to go home. Sadly, Brian and his family couldn't come nor could Kathleen and her family.

Maureen and her girls

Madison and Roman
Wendy, Laurie, Robin, and Loraine
Uncle Brian,Diane,and Wendy
Robin and Wendy
My sisters children and mine


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