The Mayflower

We are so grateful we had the opportunity last week  to visit Plymouth where a replication of the Mayflower is now docked.  Going aboard really brought history to life.  It is amazing to think that 102 people lived on this ship for 66 days  and that they traveled in not the most ideal weather conditions arriving in Massachusetts in November.  The ship isn't really that big.  I can't imagine having a baby aboard this ship as two woman did.  The children and I learned all about their daily lives.  Totally crazy!  I don't think I would have been so brave to go on a journey where there were no established homes or gardens, and as I mentioned previously in the post on Plymouth half of those who came over died the first winter.  While in Plymouth, we also saw the rock on which the Pilgrims first stepped foot upon.  I have to say the rock was kind of disappointing as I had imagined it much larger that it really is, and I was also disappointed that we could not touch the rock.  Apparently the rock was much larger, but somewhere in time pieces of the rock were sold off.   


Francesca said…
interesting! I love the photo of big brother holding hands with little sisters!
NC Sue said…
I enjoyed these shots and appreciate you linking them at
Molly said…
My husbands ancestor traveled on the Mayflower to the USA all those years ago and were one of the few who survived.

CountryMouse said…
This looks like so much fun for all ages.

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