Saturday, June 20, 2015


Full of sass and always talking little miss always keeps me on the go.  She is the master brain behind the trouble but sweet as a bug!  She loves to dress up but always seems to look like a hot mess. We adore this one and are so happy she came to our family.  She loves to color, paint, and plaster stickers wherever she believes a sticker belongs.  She is kind and a good friend not only to her sister but to the other kids at school and church.  Her favorite color purple!  Her favorite food is peas and noodles. She loves fruit!  Her favorite TV show is Daniel the Tiger and Barney.  She does not like animals. They scare her to hyperventilation.  She adores her siblings!  Her favorite song is follow the prophet and itsy bitsy spider.  Her papa is the favorite!  She loves her dolls.  She likes to play at the park and swim.

Happy Birthday Addy Cakes!


jane said...

omg! that´s a face! adorable! big hugs for the birthday girl. :)

Shauna said...

So cute love them all. Happy Birthday to her! I got your message about dates and am looking at dates. I will get back to you. Love,

Shauna xo

Francesca said...

happy birthday!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Addy, those eyelashes are amazing. Hopefully she'll warm up to animals in time.

Tera said...

Adorable pictures!