California Adventure

The last time I was in California, California Adventure didn't even exist.  Since we were just at Disney World in April with my mother-in-law and nephew in April we thought we would skip going to Disney and just do California Adventure.  Such a good decision!  While the park is smaller than Disney it is a really fun park though it could offer a few more rides for smaller children.  The girls were just about an inch away from riding many of the rides.  Boo!  My two favorite rides were Soaring through California which takes you on a journey through California landscapes and the second was Radiator Spring Racers.  So much fun!!!  Winston loved the giant roller coaster.  This park focuses on more of the modern movies such as Ariel, Cars, Monster Inc, and Toys Story.  At the end of the day, the offer a really fantastic dancing water show.  Word of advice though if you want to see that show is you need a fast pass ticket to get a good spot to see it.  I didn't know this.  We still were able to see the show, but the children really had a hard time seeing.  What was nice about this park is that it wasn't as crowded as Disney and we were able to walk on most of the rides except for an exception of a few rides.  The children had a blast!


Francesca said…
'not as crowded' is definitely a winning point! sounds like you all had fun, kids and adults alike!

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