Saturday, September 27, 2014

Impressions of Spain

Hello!  We have been home a couple of days now, but I had a few last photos of Spain I wanted to post and I wanted to share with you were we stayed while in Spain.  I have to say Spain is pretty spectacular and I can't wait to get back.  I am not to fussed about Madrid as it could have been any European city and it seemed just a little bit cold in the sense of it just lacked it's own character.  I could be completely wrong and maybe Madrid just needs more than a couple of days to grow on you. I adore Barcelona and could move there in a heart beat  The people of Spain are friendly and helpful. I can't tell you how many times I needed assistance lifting Avery's stroller up and down stairs and someone was always willing to help.  Spain is easy to get around.  We didn't have a car the whole time we were there and had no problem getting from point A to point B.  The train, subway, and bus system is fantastic.  The hotels we stayed at were clean and the staff were extremely helpful.  We stayed at the AC Victoria Marriott Hotel in Barcelona and the NH Collection in Madrid.  Oh, and don't forget to have some Paella while in Spain.  I had a chicken and vegetable paella and it was wonderful.  I am going to miss my plates of fresh fruit every morning, my baguettes with salami, and chocolate croissants.  Will not miss the humidity.  That was one thing I was not prepared for and should have done a better job of researching as I didn't have enough clothes to wear and had to wash a few things out in the sink.  I had packed for a  temps in the 70's but 70's in Spain is much different than 70's in Atlanta.  OH Well!  It all worked out in the end. Overall our trip was a huge success!

Fall has finally arrived to Atlanta.  It was actually chilly this morning.  Sweaters are just around the corner.  I am now busy decorating the house and even made some brown butter pumpkin cupcakes the other day.  My favorite!  I even got to watch the first episode of Downton Abbey as I have a friend with a British IP address. Winston is back at soccer and couldn't be happier.  Frank is off to Chicago for work.  He asked me to go with him, but I didn't feel it was right to leave the children again; especially, so soon after getting back from a trip.  Great city to hang out in though and will definitely take him up on his offer another time.  What are you up to this weekend?  


Francesca said...

i love this collage. i made a fish and veg paella the other week (first time), and it was very good.

Stephanie said...

Oh my word, I've just spent a half an hour looking through all your Spain pictures and posts. What a beautiful place, and what wonderful pictures. I hope you had the most amazing time. I haven't been to Europe yet, but I'm itching to go. Oh my goodness, these pictures make me want to go even more!

tinajo said...

It´s so beautiful, thanks for sharing these photos! I´ve only visited Fuerteventura in Spain, but I´m sure I´ll se more places there eventually. :-)


Kelly said...

Your Spain trip looked amazing. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures with us. Loved it. And Avery is looking just as adorable as ever.