Corner View "Beginning"

Hi!  Hope all of you had a great summer.  I am not sure how to rate our summer as it was busy and filled with lots of moments that I would call growing moments/life lessons.  Wouldn't mind a re-do, but this is my life and I suppose having a re-do might change future outcomes, so I will say I am happy to keep what I have because it could be a lot worse.  Today marks a new season of corner view, and for those of you who don't know what corner view is it is a blog hop around the globe with a weekly theme started by Jane at Spaindaily and continued on by Francesca at FuoriBorgo.  Anyone is welcome to join in, so I hope to see you there.  Lots of beginnings are happening around here at Traveling Bug.  School started a month ago, but it still feels like summer as the gauge on the thermometer has not dipped below 92 each day.  The Engineering Club started last week for Harris, and Winston started soccer last night.  My eyes teared up last night as I watched Winston run laps around the soccer field.  Last year it was such a struggle for him and this year he was ahead of the pack. Amazing what a year can do!  Addy is back in preschool and Avery will hopefully join her in anuary. As for me, I am making it my goal to learn Photoshop this month.  In May I signed up for an on-line class, but one thing after another just seemed to get in the way of me really learning how to use this program.  Falling asleep was my biggest enemy. I would sit down and turn on the video presentations and within minutes I would be sound asleep.  I have to say Photoshop is not for the weak in heart as it is so much more technical than Lightroom which I learned how to use last year; however, if I can learn how to use it the pay off will be much greater as the program gives you the possibility to isolate areas on a photograph and just edit that area.  Lightroom does not give you that capability.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Lightroom as it is the best quick fix editing tool out there and this may also have contributed to my downfall of using Photoshop because Lightroom is just so easy. Well, I better be going as I need to bring Addy to the cardiologist this morning.  Just her routine visit. Hoping they say her hole has closed up and we are done with visit.  Have a great day!  I look forward to reading your post and seeing what you have been up too.


Susi-Art said…
sounds you've been busy this summer!
i'm not good with photoshop, but than, i've never really learned it!
have fun!

Francesca said…
that's great! once you find a good way to learn photoshop, please share it :) i too have been meaning to learn the program!
Susi-Art said…
i have lived nearby sheffield back in '86 / '87 ( in Matlock). The friend I 've stayed with, took me too the Blades, just the outside to show me and after 27 /28 years we've met again and this time he took me to a real match!!
witch one are you going to in Spain?
Amber Johnson said…
I saw your comment on Design Mom re: education abroad and I'd love your insights! I'm an LDS mama who wants to uproot my family for six months next year but I'm struggling figuring out the education factor for my daughter who will be sixth grade (she's at an arts-based Waldorf school and while she thrives in the arts, struggles with academics). I'd love your insights on your experience!
Anonymous said…
Good luck with your your photoshop :)
Li + Belle said…
Lightroom is easy and makes fun. I love to work with it.

Have agreat time in Spain. It will be nice. I'm sure.
:) said…
Nice try for Photoshop. I hope Addy is fine!
Have a nice day.
a new season indeed, aren't we just the lot! :)))

now, i need to get my back back into gear about cv. haven't yet. 've been busy walking, and walking, i guess...

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