We are pretty big soccer fans here in the house, so when I found out we were traveling to Spain I had my husband look into soccer games that might be playing.  We bought tickets for a game with a team in Madrid called Athetico.   They were playing against a team called Celta.  The game was a tie. with an ending score of  2-2. Unless you are from Spain you may not have heart of them, but both of  the teams have some national players on their roster. When we arrived in Barcelona we had heard that their team was also playing, but we thought the game was going to be while we were out in Figures. As we were coming home a girl asked us about how to get to the stadium which happened to be by our hotel.  My husband looked confused and told her the game was earlier in the day.  She said no it is at 8:45 p.m.  and I could see his face light up so before he could ask I told him to get off the train and run over and get himself a ticket.  He was so thrilled.  He saw Messi and Neymar.  He was in heaven! The Barcelona team won the game 1-0.  As if two games were not enough, we found out that  Real Madrid was playing.  Cristiano Ronaldo is one of their most famous players.  He also plays on the Portugal national team and we heard he  was going to play. We thought why not go as we may never have another chance to see him play again.  So Tuesday morning Frank bought tickets and that night off we went to the game.  I almost passed out when I saw Ronaldo.  He was so close to us as we had seats only 8 rows up from the field.  He even waved in our direction when we called his name during warm-ups.  I guess there is still a little bit of a  teenage girl left in me!  What is sad is that he could be my baby brother. Call me a cougar.  I also got to see Kroos, Ramos, and Bale who are also national players.  Actually, the whole team is pretty much lined up with national players.  Going to the game was so much fun. There is so much energy in the stadium.  The fans chant and sing songs the whole time along with a few swear words when something goes wrong.  Avery had fun too!  I was worried she would make a stink and I would have to take her home early, but she was a total angel.  A couple of fun things to note is that instead of popcorn many of the fans will eat sunflower seeds along with a sandwich made of salami or ham.  Winston was so excited when he heard we went to a game.  We brought him home a hat as the jerseys are pretty expensive.  Ronaldo is the player with the green shoes on in the video.  This was during warm-ups.

p.s. We are home now.  We arrived yesterday afternoon.  The children were so happy to see us and we were happy to see them.  It is back to the real world.  I have been working on laundry, going through mail and a few other house keeping items today.  I have a feeling I will be going to bed early tonight as I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning.  Have a great day!


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