Live, Breath, Beach

The thought of sunny weather at the beach was just too much.  The beach was calling me to come visit with every waves that crashed against it's shore, and so at the last minute I booked a hotel, packed up the kids and bags, and then called my mom and said,"Let's go to the beach."  She was game!  We headed to the Charleston, South Carolina  area where we ate lunch at the Cherrywood Barbecue Grill located on Kiawah Island.  The food was good, but over priced and the service was a little slow.  Then we headed to Folly Beach where the kids jumped the waves and played in the sand.  We were gone for only 27 hours, but it was so worth it to be able to smell the salt water and hear the sound of the waves crash against the shore.  Some may think I am crazy, but I love the beach!  I feel ready for fall now!


Danelle M said…
Looks like fun! I love the photo with all the different colored beach umbrellas!
Francesca said…
totally understand, as I too love the beach!
I love how spontaneous you are....awesome shots looks like a great 27 hours!
Shay Ankerich said…
Wow! LOVE that! My sister's husband's
Family has a house on folly beach. They pretty spend the summer there!!! We LOVE it! Your photos are beautiful!!! Happy week!!! Xoxo
I really want to go to the beach before summer is over. I know that means we only have about 15 days to make it happen, right? Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun and just what you needed!

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