It's soccer time!

In keeping it real so that you don't think that I have a life of butterflies, unicorns, and rainbows, the weekend didn't turn out quite the way I expected.  See I have a child who is making some wrong choices right now.  He is having a hard time with understanding that too much of a good thing can be bad for you.  He is addicted to computer gaming.  It is kind of embaressing because as his parent I should have put the limits on it; however, it isn't that simple when you have a child who is strong willed and rufuses the guide lines we set for him and our family.  Taking away the computer isn't a simple thing when so much of his homework relies on the computer.  Anyway, it kind of came to a head this weekend and we had to put our foot down.  We are praying that our new approach will work, but who knows.  It has become his life and so I am thinking it may get uglier before it gets better.

On another note, last year was Winston's first year of playing soccer.  Due to our commitment with German school we were not able to participate in many sports because the games were on Saturdays. Anyway, he played on a team through the YMCA.  Unfortanately, he did not have a very good coach. They lost every game and while winning isn't the most important thing it is nice to win at least one game.  Winston loves soccer.  This year I did some research and I have him playing through another league were the coaches have a lot more experience and understanding of the game.  What a difference it has made. Winston won his second game of the season 9-0.

On another note, we are waiting for LOA in this process of adopting.  This document is the official aggrement between us and the Chinese government that we are prusueing Sun Xin Jing (Avery).  We really need to get this document soon if we have an hope of traveling by the end of the year.  So, I am asking you if you could please pray that we will get this document asap.  Would love also a prayer for my son that he will understand that we love him and only care about his future.  How was your weekend?


Francesca said…
Limiting computer game time seems reasonable, though if it's a new rule in our family, it will take some time to set in. Don't get discouraged, and do help him find other ways to use his free time!
We also strictly limit computer/internet time when used recreationally (they can be wonderful tools, and kids need to have access to them and learn to use them). One of my boys loves computer games, but we don't keep games on the "family" computer (my laptop) which they use for school work. The games are on the iPad only, and he needs permission to play them.
dawn said…
As parents it isn't our job to make decisions that they like it is our job to make decisions based on their best interests. It's never easy on any of us, the kids or the parents. I wish you luck, it will work out in time and after many pouty faces!
I may have to limit swimming soon...say what?
Danelle M said…
Good luck with the computer thing. It's a tough one when you have boys who love computers.
My husband attended training on video gaming a few years ago (he's in law enforcement) and came home stating that the boys couldn't play more than 2 hours a week, due to the effects it has on those playing. We have limited their access to the gaming and also use it as a reward.

My sister-in-law had the same problem you are now having so they purchased a B.O.B. Screen time Manager, that manages how much t.v. and gaming they can play per day. You can read up on it here:
tinajo said…
I´ll cross my fingers SO hard for you! :-)
Shay Ankerich said…
Bless you! You have a lot going on! We only have game boys but have found leaving them in the car for only traveling or dr appts is best for us. I promise Payne would have it in his hands ALL THE TIME. Hoping for a super quick LOA!!! Xo

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