Kelly, Adam, and Me

I believe Birthday girls get to celebrate all week long, so last night I went with my friend Lucy to see Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson.  It was so awesome.  We are not only celebratig my birthday this week, but Avery's.  She will be two!  We sent a cake and requested photos, so hopefully, we will have new photos to show you.  I am so excited.  We also got great news that she was transfered to a different orphange where she can get more individualized cae.  Yahoo!  So close!  Have a great day!


Tamar SB said…
What a fun concert!! Happy birthday to you and Avery!
tinajo said…
Ooooh - I envy you, how fun! :-)
Shauna said…
So fun!!! What a great time. Happy Birthday my friend, so excited for baby girl number one and two... :) Love,

Shauna xoxo
Happy Birthday! May the celebrations last :-)
And: WHAT? The Baby turns 2?!???
simply bev said…
Happy Birthday to you and Avery too!

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