Do your homework!

I think I have said it before, but I kind of dislike chain restaurants.  They are OK to take your children to once in a while, but when I travel I really like to go to restaurants that are locally owned.  I generally find the food to be better!  I also like the idea of supporting local businesses.  If you do  your homework before you leave on a trip, you can have an amazing and original eating experience.  Here are a couple of ways of finding restaurants to eat at when on vacation 1) travel magazines 2) blogs 3) the food network 4) on-line review websites like "Yelp 5) friends who have traveled to the destination and 6) ask the front desk for recommendations.  On my recent trip to Utah, my friend and I ate at a restaurant called Communal that is located in downtown Provo.  I had seen this restaurant mentioned on a blog about three years ago and liked what I read.  The post about this restaurant lived up to it's word.  The food while a bit expensive was amazing!  It was a good splurge!!!  It is the type of place worth saving your money for because you will seriously not be disappointed.  I would much rather save for treat like this than it out multiple times. We had the pork shoulder that was cooked in it's own juices for days in a special cooker and glazed with a teriyaki glaze and pickled red onions.  The meat was so tender that it melted in ones mouth like butter.  We followed this by roasted artichokes covered in goat cheese and russet potatoes gratin with blue cheese.  Let's not forget dessert of carrot cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce and chocolate mousse with a cookie bottom,chocolate shavings, and whip cream.  The food was Heavenly! 


Leggio said…
Hey girl,
I saw your comment on Shay's blog and it looks like you are looking at a file right now of a precious little one. Just wanted to let you know Miss Mia had Growth and Developmental Delays. She was a month from being two when we got her and she was 14lbs, and could barely sit up, couldn't crawl or walk. She was not talking in mandarin either. We got a report right before we traveled that she had been taken to the hospital for poor brain development and malnutrition. Anyway all this to say that once we got home and she started getting Love, Food (infant baby food because she had never been given food), and we started working with her at home. She started walking soon and now she runs everywhere!!!!! She has reached milestones and is still reaching them, but she is doing super.LOL if you have any questions please email me .
marie said…
Oh I could read all day about food :) I do like some chains, but I agree that it's a much more rewarding and fun dining experience to do a little work and find a hidden gem.

I rarely go out to eat so when I do I want a good meal, simple but delicious.
Thank goodness for TripAdvisor - it is definitely our go-to for restaurant suggestions when we travel :)

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