New Day

What a difference a day makes.  Addy is doing so much better.  Big brother caught her stomach bug, but not as bad as she did.

I am thinking of buying some cobalt blue skinny jeans.  What do you think?  Can a woman of 40 wear a pop of color our is this fashion for only the 20 and 30 year olds out there????

I spent two hours at the gym today.  It felt good.

I am so happy we moved last year.  Now I can finally see the sunset from where I live.

I booked my tickets for the London Eye.  I am so excited.  I know it is just a ferris wheel, but I am excited

What are you excited about?  Is there something that is coming up that you are excited about? Tell me!


Di said…
I haven't been on the London Eye in years but I remember enjoying it and the view was spectacular! I am excited about the fact that the sun is shining and its going to be 63 degrees today - somewhat of a minor miracle for Scotland in March!! We don't usually even get these temperatures in the summer! I'll be at work but at least I will know it's sunny out there!
Francesca said…
Happy to hear about Addy! I'm all for colorful clothes at all ages! :)
So happy to hear everyone is on the mend. Your trip to the gym sounds great!
Arctic Mum said…
I'm pretty excited about going to France on holiday this summer. My eldest daughter asks every day when we're going away. The winter is getting at us a bit these days, it's like there's no end. I should get some colourful pants too!
Ameena said…
I envy people who can carry off skinny jeans! Especially in a bright color. I say go for it!

Love London. Love the London eye!
Danelle said…
Glad everyone is feeling a bit better. That photo is gorgeous!
Sorry the sickness is going through the house! Yikes hope tomorrow is a healthier day! Yes women over 30 can rock color....especially for those spending summers in Europe....anything goes there! You have been working out so hard can pull it off!
Buckeroomama said…
What a gorgeous sunset! :)
Joyce said…
I'm glad your baby girl is better and her brother. Sure go for the pants. I bet you will look good in them. xo
Shauna Klippel said…
Tomorrow we are headed up to Santa Rosa to visit my grandparents, I am excited about this. For the first time I am going to take a lot of pictures of the things that remind me of growing up with them. I want to have this documented as they are such a wonderful part of my life.

Great post-glad kids are doing better.

Bonnie said…
that sunset sure is beautiful !
tinajo said…
Of course you should get the jeans - looking great is not a priviledge for teens only..! ;-)

Beautiful sunset! :-)
Nancy Claeys said…
I hope your little ones get better soon. I always feel for them as they don't really understand what's going on sometimes.

I admit I don't know what the London Eye is, but it sounds fun. Coming up for us -- getting the boat ready for some river running. :) Thanks for the visit and thoughtful comment.
May said…
I envy you my friend, being able to view gorgeous sunsets!! I am surrounded all over by bigger buildings. When the sky goes a pretty pink in the evening, I know that the sunset is awesome but I just let out a big sigh!! I am fortunate enough to be able to witness a few when on drives. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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