A day at the pumpkin farm.

Roman ran into his good friend Andrew while at the patch.

Addy cakes is what we call baby girl right now!

Nothing says fall like a trip to the pumpkin patch.
Harris unfortunately was too sick to go, but papa was able to join us this year-yahoo!


Danelle said…
This is my favorite place to visit in the fall! Looks like you had a good time.
Theresa said…
What a sweet post! Come say hi and get a glimpse of my most favorite place traveling ever, in Italy!
Gorgeous pictures...love pumpkin farms.

I had no idea you are fro Utah or did I? Is that where you grew up or where you went to college?

I sure miss those Wasatch Mountains!
Ha...I used the line "Nothing says Fall like the fair!" in my post. :) We do love the punkin' patch, tho. Great shots!
Leovi said…
Wonderful photos, charming and very tender, I really like the sea of ​​pumpkins.
Henrietta said…
There is few pumpkins, wow. I love the baby with pumpkins, so cute:)
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness. So much fun. I love these shots.
looks like you had a funny day :)
That looks like a pretty much PERFECT day! I love your post about the pumpkin patch. Fantastic!
What beautiful pictures. I love the photo of baby sleeping/napping, how cute is that!

I sure miss the old pumpkin patch days (eons ago).

Have a great week.
Such happy pictures. And soo many pumpkins:)
urban muser said…
looks like you had fun at the pumpkin patch! that first photo is so sweet.
Stasha said…
Such sweet shots, looks like you all had a jolly good time.
Tiffany said…
What a fun day! The baby is getting so big, it all goes so fast.

LOVE the pumpkin patch! Looks like it was a wonderful day! That baby Addy is darling...love the pictures of Frank holding her. ♥

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