Tickles my Fancy-Cornerview and Communal Global

Today we went with Romans class to the pumpkin patch
I have never seen him so excited about anything
Why I am not sure since we were there as a family a couple weeks ago
He was so excited he woke up in the middle night, and
got dressed in his clothes and went back to bed.
I am so tickled by his excitement.
I am tickled by watching his sweet interactions with his classmates.
I am tickled by my little girl in a orange black tutu.
On another note, Addy is 4 months old and weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces and is 23 inces long
Roman is obsessed with the alphabet and I love when he pronounces W he adds a Q to the ending.


Love the excitement of a child and lil sister in tutu....too sweet!
Joyce said…
He even tickled my fancy!! :) WOW... I can't believe how much your baby girl is growning. xo
amazing, a child's excitement. so elemental...
Kristin said…
the first is so cute. :)
Mlle Paradis said…
there's just something about halloween, isn't there?

what a nice family of blondies you've got!
anna said…
What great kids you have! Nothing more contagious than the excitement of a child.

(reminds me of my youngets sister who was so excited about her new shoes that she even wore them in bed :)
Anonymous said…
how nice ... and the photos are lovely :)
Bonnie said…
oh how adorable !!!! sweet little pumpkins !
la ninja said…
ha! good ticking ;)
Beth said…
How precious! I still remember the pumpkin patch trips. I packed 8 nursery school children into my 9 passenger station wagon (the nursery school teachers loved that I was always available to be mom driver for field trips) and away we went. Wonderful memories. Darling children you have---you've got a real cutie in that tutu! :>)
Theresa said…
Adorable Kelleyn!
sophie said…
Precious pumpkin !
they look so facinated by the moment, it's wonderful
flowtops said…
The orange pumpkins suit her! Really cute.

I love these photos! They are so adorable!!
Happy Autumn!
Francesca said…
looks like the day didn't disappoint him!
I'm tickled by reading you and admiring your sweet family.
Heather said…
Looks like they all had fun. I love the spider sweatshirt. I wonder if they make them in my size!
Nadja said…
Cute pictures! Addy is adorable :-)

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