Monkey jumping on the bed

What do you get when you have a house full of boys? A broken arm! No he wasn't jumping on the bed, but was ruff housing with his older brother. At first we just thought it was nothing, but after two days of complaining that it was sore I took him to the doctors. Sure enough he had a buckle fracture in his left arm. Now I feel bad that it took me two days before I took him to the doctor. The thing is he wasn't really complaining that much about it. Harris when he broke his arm cried like there was no tomorrow. Well, I guess he has made new fashion statement for tomorrows up coming wedding of William and Kate. Are you going to get up to watch it? I am! Congratulations William and Kate!   


Poor thing but what a trooper! With our house full of boys (including the husband) we pray each year that we only go to the ER once. Our max has been 6.
Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm just waiting for that to happen at our house too...
Allison said…
I am now reading the book "5 silly monkeys, jumping on the bed" to our one year old, and as active as he is, I have often asked myself when this will happan. Wow, just one and I'm already thinking about future doctor visits.

Nice thing about living on this side of the pond is that I didn't have to get up early to see the wedding ; )
Shey said…
oh my goodness! I hope he recovers fast! He's such a cutie! =D
I didn't keep up with the wedding on TV but everyone at work kept talking about it and filling me up on the details. =D
Mlle Paradis said…
Fashion statements all over the place! Cool dude, cool t-shirt, cool bandage.

Guess I'm too old to wake up a 3 a.m. for the wedding of a couple of toffs! It was pretty at 9 a.m. tho!
Danelle said…
Uh-oh! Can you believe in our house full of boys we have never had a broken bone or stitches? But we did have a trip to the ER in a life flight helicopter, so I guess that makes up for it!
Of course we watched it!!
Here's to quick healing bones. The poor chap! xx
The Bovee-Kings said…
What a gorgeous little face. How can your heart not melt for him!!

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