Happy Sunday!

Yesterday was such a fantastic day. We had some good friends over for dinner. I made a ham, roasted potatoes with Herbs de Provence, and a spinach salad with strawberries and pecans. So yummy! Then for dessert, I made for the children Devil's food cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting topped with Peeps, and for the adults I made a Orange Cake which I served with strawberry puree and whip cream. Total hit! The cupcakes were super moist because they had sour cream in the batter. However, I think I would make a chocolate buttercream frosting next time. There just wasn't enough frosting in proportion to cake using the ganache. I can't help but be happy today. The sun is out and it is my favorite day of the week. Sunday! Really it is my favorite day of the week. I get to be uplifted each weekend at church, and then we come home and totally relax. We don't go anywhere, I don't do house chores, and I get to spend the day with both my husband and children. What could be better than that?


Allison said…
Silly as it may sound, I soooo totally miss Peeps! I'm sure your husband cannot understand, as mine thinks they are just about as aweful as one can get, but I think the same about his Nutella!

I love Sundays too! Our church service is late in the afternoon, so we can toodle around in our pajamas until late. It's our Sunday morning tradition to have bacon, scrambled eggs, and fresh croissants! Gotta do something that makes me feel like home!

Countdown is getting closer... won't be long until that sweet little girl is hanging out on Sundays with you!
Isabelle said…
I will try your version of the orange cake, it sounds so delicious ... and Happy Easter to you and your family !!
Ma life à moi said…
Your white bunny is really nice!
Nadja said…
wooowwwww, that cupcake looks absolutely incredibly delicious!

sounds like you had a great Easter. I spend the Easter holiday with my family and we met with our relatives on Saturday, where we had a barbecue in my aunt's garden.

That videoclip of the babies is awesome :)))))))

Have a nice day and lots of hugs,


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