Easter Candles with Roman

We had so much fun making the last craft that we decided to make another. This project was a collaborative effort as Harris didn't want to miss out on the action. They are pretty simple to make. You will need eggs, candle wax, and wicks. Start first by poking a hole in the large end of the egg then carefully enlarge the hole to a size that is large enough to place a wick inside and pour the wax. Then color the eggs. You could just use brown eggs or even use natural dyes such as red onion skins or beet juice. The decoration possibilities are endless. Once the eggs are dry melt wax. I purchased wicks with metal end to help weight the wicks down. Then dip the metal end in the wax and place inside the egg. Once they are dry which doesn't take but a minute. Pour wax inside each egg and cool. If you don't want the wax to pop and crack when you pour it into the egg make sure the wax is not at boiling point. I learned the hard way. These would also make for a cute gift. Place in paper egg carton and tie with a decorative bow. I am sure the receiver with be very happy. I know I would be!


I love these!! We just might have to give them a try.

How are you feeling? I've been thinking of you!
what a FANTASTIC easter idea!!! i LOVE it. next year i have to do that - i hope, that i will not forget it...

i like your new blogheader ;) i think i need holidays.

Eva said…
What an excellent idea! I really like those!
Danelle said…
I don't know how I missed these post, but I love these. Going to have to try it with my kids.

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