2009 in Review

2009 in Review
We rang 2009 in Israel where Frank floated on the Dead Sea. What a beautiful country! February was busy will the children's school activities. March brought warmer weather. April brought a trip to Florida where we climbed around on an old Spanish fort in St. Augustine, and a visit with cousins. The family arrived from Germany in May and we had a wonderful reunion. Then it was off to Galveston, Texas with walks along the beach and delicious BBQ! June brought a trip to Maryland where we ate crab cakes along the shores and a beautiful wedding. In Massachusetts, we played with family and ate our weight in seafood. In July, I picked up Harris from his Oma's house in Germany where he spent 8 weeks going to school, going to camp, making new friends, and playing with his cousin Marc. August brought us days at the pool, and hiking in the Georgia Mountains. Then it was back to school. September brought us a trip to Nashville and a reunion with an old high school buddy. While October and November we stayed at home, but we were never the less busy. Also, my good friend from Alaska came to visit. December brought us a ski trip to Utah and all around antibiotics for almost the whole family. We were able to visit with old friends and new. The boys have grown inches and become better readers. Roman continues to be in good health and is a much better talker than his brothers at this age. He is a happy and friendly child who loves to play with his friends. He loves Max and Ruby. Harris instead of wanting to be a video game designer or the owner of a six-star hotel now wants to be a theoretical physicist. Winston thinks he is a pop dancer and is always breaking out in dance. We have been blessed! Looking forward to the adventures that 2010 will bring.


sunnymama said…
What a wonderful and busy year you've had! Best wishes to your family for the New Year. :
jane said…
wonderful! wising you a new year filled with health, joy, love and lots of laughter. warm hugs-jane
Emily said…
Sounds like a wonderful, BUSY year! I hope your 2010 is just as blessed!

Happy New Year!
Francesca said…
You do travel a lot! I hope you're all done with antibiotics and are all well now, happy new year!
n a t s u m i said…
Sounds like fabulous year!

Wish you a healthy and very happy 2010!! Cheers,
JP said…
I have been wanting to do this for 2009...we'll see if I make it! Still so much catching up to do!

What fun, awesome trips. I love that you guys get out and DO so much. And speaking of school, Tal got into UCLA...so we don't know if we'll end up in SLC or LA!

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