Boston Thank you Very Much!

My dad and I would like to thank everyone for such a wonderful weekend. Peggy and Bob treated us to a very yummy Italian dinner in the North End. Yum isn't enough words. The North End in Boston is the home to the famous North Church and the ride of Paul Revere. It is also the home to the best Italian food in America. Well, I am sure New York would be it's rival. It's crazy because every time I go back it seems just like it was when I was a little girl. Houses squished together, noisy, the best lobster and clams, the land of no R's and where people say pak the ca translated "park the car" or Stap mean stop. It never takes me too long to slip back into the lingo. If it weren't for that dang snow, I would live there in a heart beat. Thank you Mary for opening up your home to us all. I will miss you guys.


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