C is for Canning

When I was little C was for Cookie. I loved the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. I loved that furry blue monster, and how he would say in his deep voice Cookie Cookie Cookie. Well, I still love cookies, but lately I have been busy canning. I wanted to can not just because it would produce yummy food but I wanted to teach my children how food is made. I also want to teach them that they can do something to make a difference. This Saturday, the boys will be selling our canned goods at our lemonade sale. The profits from the items will be used to purchase fabric to make blankets for babies born with Congenital Heart Disease. Our goal is to make 300 blankets by Valentines Day. These blankets though small will give families a little hope, and comfort as they come to grips with the fact that their child will need anywhere from just being monitored on a yearly basis to having 1 or more surgeries before their child reaches adulthood. Some of these babies will not make it. Did you know that 1/100 babies are born with heart disease, and that most miscarriages are a result of heart disease or chromosomal disorders. I didn't know anything about heart disease until our third child was born with a heart defect. If you want to learn more about Congenital Heart Disease you can go to Roman's TOF story located on the left under we support. There you will find a video that is very informative. Also, if you would like to contribute to our blanket project you can contact me and I can tell you how you can help us reach our goal. We would love your support in making this miracle happen.


Audra said…
You are inspiring me! I'd like to help with the blankets. I'm not the best sewer but I can do my best.
Mel said…
Hey, Nancy just called me this morning and asked me to work with you on this project, and I would LOVE to. Let's plan that lunch date for next week! (and I SO want a canning lesson)

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