F1 Austin, Texas Edition

 Like many during the pandemic, we all found ourselves doing things and trying things that we otherwise didn't have time for, and watching Formula 1 on Netflix was something our family got addicted to during that time.  I knew of Formula 1 before the pandemic, but to be honest I wasn't ever really interested.  The tv series brought to life the drivers, strategy, and politics behind the sport.  As my husband and I are getting older, we are starting to tick off those bucket list items, and going to Austin, Texas to see the race was one of those items.  This past weekend, my husband and two older boys flew to Texas to see the race.  It was a fantastic weekend.  They saw the race and the drivers up close and got to taste some pretty fantastic BBQ at Terri Blacks and at the Salt Lick.  They had a fantastic time.  I am only slightly jealous!


William Kendall said…
Probably not a sport I'll ever see in person.
Dearest Kelleyn,
Well, one thing did prove you wrong... Quoting you: 'As my husband and I are getting older'...
Well, look at those photos—your husband looked a lot YOUNGER while being there with his two eldest!
So, that is one very positive experience caused by the pandemic period.
csuhpat1 said…
Wow, so very cool. I so want to go to a F1 event.

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