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Haven't done one of these posts in a while, but if you are like me then you are always looking for something good to watch. The problem is there is so much junk out there that there are times when you waste time scrolling through all the options only to choose something and then invest an hour into the show to discover it isn't worth watching.  Here are a few of my top picks for this season in my life!

1) Sanditon -Love this show!  It can be found on PBS.  If you don't have regular network channels then you can purchase PBS through Amazon for a small fee and can cancel when you no longer need the channel.  The story is about Charlotte Heywood who lives in the beach village of Sanditon and follows her journey in search of love.  This is a Jane Austin story.  

2) All Creatures Great and Small is another PBS find and is the story of small-town vets set in 1937 England.  The story is one I can be proud I say I watch it as the content is clean and has a good storyline. 

3) Dopesick is another I really enjoyed watching.  This one can be found on Hulu.  I might at one point have mentioned this tv show, but I can't remember.  It is about the drug crisis here in America and how the pharma company is responsible for this problem.  This is not a documentary, but rather a dramatization of events that occurred and are still taking place as we speak.  It was an eye-opener for me for sure!

4) Where the Crawdads Sing based on the book.  This is a movie that is currently in theaters.  One of the best movies I have seen in a while.  I loved the book and while the movie isn't as good as the book it did a pretty good job of honoring the story.  Wish they would make more movies like this as it is harder and harder to go to the movies these days because the movies are not that good. The movie is about a girl who grows up along the coastal southeast of the United States and how communities judge those who are different or in this case poor.  The cinematography is stunning.  Makes me want to move except currently some of this region is underwater.

5) Mrs. Harris goes to Paris also another movie set in post-war England.  Mrs. Harris having lost her husband to the war dreams of having a different life.  One day she dreams of owning a couture dress, but given her current situation, the dream seems almost unobtainable until she comes into some money and she goes for it.  She packs her bags and heads to Paris.  The story is funny and hopeful.  

6) Taste the Nation is a TV  series found on Hulu about the culture of food dishes here in the United States.  If you enjoy food then this show is fun to learn the history of certain dishes!  So interesting! It's just too bad TV doesn't have the ability to let you taste each dish they introduce!

7) Indian Matchmaking found on Netflix is a guilty pleasure!  Not sure why I find this so fascinating, but this show follows the life of an Indian Matchmaker and her clients.  It is slightly reality Tv, and so thus why I call it a guilty pleasure.  The storyline is in English.

8) A not to watch TV series is Handmaid's tale season 5 is a not watch.  I have been patiently waiting for over two years for the story to finish, but in the end, the storyline flopped.  What you get is several hours of angry June displaying her anger in regard to what takes place.  I tried two times to watch this show but kept falling asleep and wishing the storyline would unfold faster.  The storyline leaves one wanting better development.  

6) The Spy which is set in pre-war WWII Sweden and Norway.  The story is about a modern hero and actress who acts as a double agent.  This is based on a true storyline. The launch into the story is painful.  

7) Avoid also watching Banner Under Heaven not simply because it is about my religion, but because the author did a terrible job of telling the facts of the true story and added his own fictional storyline into the mix.  Were this a fictional storyline then it would be fine, but the show is based on real events.  The story's sole intent is to spread false information about the religion which sadly people believe based on his book.  

Well, these are all my suggestions at this time.  Hope you have a lovely week.


Dearest Kelleyn,
Sorry but both my husband and I are completely illiterate in regard to movies.
We did see the Titanic with a German friend together.
Juggling seven languages, having written as many manuals as we did and our complex book in 2020 takes so much time. Both of us are avid readers and I myself hope to find more time for doing that in the future!
This life is too short!!!
William Kendall said…
I've ceased watching television altogether.
NCSue said…
We "killed the television" for about 10 years or so - I didn't find the humor funny, the commercials irritated me, and the few shows I enjoyed weren't much fun after the 3rd rerun. After my husband died, I got a TV but am sticking to documentaries for the most part. Network shows aren't worth my time.
I agreed with your assessment of Where the Crawdads Sing - a very well done movie.
Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/10/bedtime-story.html

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