September Movie Review

Hi!  How are you?  Not much going on here, I think we have finally settled into living here in Germany.  The children are all busy with activities and are making friends. I miss my boys back home (Harris and Winston), but they are both thriving and that makes this mama happy.  Tomorrow we are headed off to go to the city of Kassel after swim lessons. I am kind of bummed because we missed a really pretty spectacular art exhibit.  Didn't know it only lasted 100 days and ended two weeks ago. It was called Documenta, would have just loved to seen the Parthenon made out of books even if I couldn't have seen the other exhibits. The exhibit was pretty historical as it was set on the exact spot where Hitler and his thugs burned banned books during WWII. Oh well, anyway the city has many more things to offer and I am looking forward to exploring this city.  On another note, I have watched a couple good films and thought I would share them with you as I am also always looking for good movies to watch and hope this might be helpful to you.

The first movie that I am going to recommend is named the Book of Henry.  It was just out in the movie theaters and so it may take a while for it to come out on DVD or streaming if that is how you prefer to watch your movies.  Anyway, the story is about a boy named Henry, who is pretty smart, he kind of watches out for his mom.  The movie never really explains her back story, but the impression is that maybe she is divorced.  She works in cafe though why who knows because she is not poor and could probably easily work somewhere else.  Anyway, Henry is fed up with his neighbor who is abusing his daughter.  He tries to get people to listen to him, but because the neighbor is a pretty well respected member of society no one listens.  Henry devises a plan to take the man down.  I will leave the story at that as I don't want to give to many details and ruin the story for you.  The movie is sweet, tender, heart breaking, a little scary, and happy all wrapped up in one.

The next movie I actually watched a couple of months ago, but forgot to post called Allied.  This movie has two big named stars in it Brad Pitt and French actress Marion Cotillard.  If her name doesn't sound familiar she is also known for her part in A Good Year with Russel Crowe.  I love these type of movies set during WWII in England Brad and Marion are spies but on whose side is the question.  Another thing I love about the movie is that the ending is unpredictable which is hard to find in Hollywood movies today. 

If you love true stories, then you will love this story called Megan Levey.  The story is set during the beginning of the Iraq War and one thinks it might be about the war, but is more about the relationship of Megan and her dog.  So if you don't like war movies no worries as the focus is not heavy on the war.  Love True Stories and this one is particularly good.

The last movie I am going to recommend today is a movie called A Man Called Ove. This movie may not be everyones cup a tea.  It starts off slow.  A Swedish movie about a man who has lost his wife and who has also lost his purpose in life until he finds a reason to live.  The movie is sweet, sad, and even funny at times.

Also excited that Victoria is back on, along with Outlanders, and this Sunday Poldark aires a new season.  Well, I better go as the girls will be home in a few minutes and I have to get dinner in the oven.  Have a great weekend!


Sharon said…
Fun reviews! I loved the movie Allied -- like you, I gravitate to WWII stories. We saw Megan Leavey recently -- sweet story of her dog (and true!). I'm going to wait on Man Called Ove until the English version wit Tom Hanks is made!
Small Kucing said…
I have heard so much about the book A Man Called Ove. Now waiting for book sale to get a copy
Your review was interesting. It felt great after reading this. Thanks for sharing up. Keep up the good work.

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