Avery turns 6

Can't believe this sweet little girl is 6 years old.  It seems like yesterday that we met her for the first time in that cold office of the Bureau of Affairs in Zhengzhou, China.  We were both so scared and poor thing if you remember cried her eyes out.  We just adore this sweet girl and are so grateful for the contribution she adds to our family.  She is always so happy.  Her smile lights up the room.  She can be pretty silly, but most of the time she is pretty quiet and content.  Rarely do I hear the words I am bored come out of her mouth because she is always just happy to be and is pretty good at occupying herself.  She is almost a reader and I can't wait for her to take off.  She loves to draw and is kind to everyone. She isn't a big meat eater but finishes usually everything on her plate.  Not a big fan of pears, but loves most other fruits.  She loves animals.  A fantastic sleeper!  We celebrated her birthday at Funtastic with some of her friends from church.  They had a fantastic time!

Happy Birthday, Avery!


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