The Wedding

Oh my!  The wedding did not disappoint.  I knew it would be fabulous because the setting was in Spain, but honestly the wedding was what every little girl dreams of having when the grew up. The estate Cigarral del Angel Custodio where Emily and Ricardo had their wedding was the perfect backdrop because it is nestled along the Taho River with a view of Toledo in the background. Whe of n the ground keeper opened the door it was like a choir of angels where singing because this place is truly heaven with the cypress trees lining the path to the wedding hall, roses in every shade of yellow, pale pink, and peach, water fountains, and ever so carefully places statues.  After all the guest were seated, Ricardo was walked down the aisle by his mother and shortly thereafter Emily arrived in a horse drawn carriage.  Her grandfather waiting to escort her down the aisle preceded by the sweetest ring bearer and flower girl dressed in cream and rose.  The officiant was their long time and dearest friend from America Jose.  The ceremony was in English and in Spanish as Ricardo is from Madrid. Her best friend and his brother addressed each of them before they said their vows and then before we knew it Jose pronounced them man and wife followed by a kiss.  Then with big smiles across their faces as the walked down the aisle where cameras snapped catching the newly married couple in all their bliss flower petal flew and then they entered a the carriage where they where taken to a different part of the estate to do wedding photos.  While we waited cocktails were served along with appetizers of fried quail eggs on a bed of match string potatoes, beef skewers, coconut shrimp, cheese and crackers, gazpacho shooters, and dumplings served on spoons.  The quartet continued to play an a variety of popular songs and friends chatted happily with one another.  Then just like that right before the sun sunk behind the horizon the couple entered the courtyard.  After another round of photos were taken we all entered the dining room where we enjoyed a marvelous meal. I choose venison and others choose the sea bass; however before the main course was served a salad of rocket lettuce and salmon tartare with black truffles and pine nuts was served followed by a mojito sorbet ( didn't eat this one).  Dessert was a lovely Arab Tart a light flaky pastry  filled with cream and a side of berries. Once the dinner was over we danced into the wee hours.  Congratulations Emily and Ricardo! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Ricky & Emily from PocketRocketFilms on Vimeo.


Una boda preciosa y el entorno en Toledo inigualable,espero que disfrutases mucho de mi tierra..

4 Lettre Words said…
So, so beautiful! Wow.
betty-NZ said…
It looks like lots of planning paid off! Congrats to the bride and groom!
NatureFootstep said…
wow, that´s the most perfect setting for a wedding. So beautiful.

Thanks for sharing it. :)
Tiina A said…
Oh, that's wonderful! A perfect place for wedding!
Looks like a lovely wedding and hopefully a good trip.

The tall hats and robes are disconcerting to many because of they remind us of the American KKK and all the ugliness that goes with it, however, these costumes are a centuries old tradition. Unfortunately, no one really knows how/where/why the tradition began. Some speculate that the covering of face was to hide the worshiper who worships in secret. But again, only conjecture.
Mary K. said…
Gorgeous photography for a blissful wedding. The couple looks very happy as do all the guests. And what a dreamy location this is.
Unknown said…
Thanks a ton for these wedding photographs. Truly, it looks like an amazing and elegant wedding ceremony. My cousin just tied the knot at venue NYC. Her wedding arrangements were done by professionals and all views were heart throbbing.
Buckeroomama said…
Looks absolutely lovely!!

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