Nauvoo Part 2

Just too many photos to capture in one post, so here are some more photos from that trip.  Slightly jealous I couldn't go along as I love being with my children and I have never been there myself.  The Nauvoo temple which was built in 1842 was destroyed but then through a generous donation to the church was rebuilt in 2002.  Temples are a scared house of worship where we are married.  It is also a place where you can go when you want to become closer to the Lord.  These building are not open to the general public not because we have anything to hide, but they are left closed so that those who go into worship within them can do so in peace.  We meet regularly on Sundays in a different type of meeting house that is open to everyone.  On this trip, the youth learned not only about the early leaders of our church, but about the political climate of the time, and about the American migration story.

The End!


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