A Day at the Park

When I started the adoption process over 3 years ago with Ivy, the adoption agency had given me a contact list of families who had been there done that and who would be willing to talk to me.  I picked up the phone and spoke with multiple families, but that phone call turned into a friendship. They supported our family as we brought home Avery, the we supported them as they brought home Emma, and then they once again supported us as we brought home Ivy.  Amanda and her family don't live exactly close to us as traffic can make meeting up sometime into an hour drive either way.  We try to meet in the middle most of the time.  A couple of weeks ago, we were able to meet at a local park and the girls had so much fun playing with each other.


Anonymous said…
Even though it takes much time -keep getting together though:) Friendships are forever when you guys keep meeting!
How is it when an adopted child has medical needs? Does it go through the adoption agency, or is it then up to the adoptive parent to find a suitable pediatrician?
Thanks so much for including all the little girls with SEASONS! Have a week full of joy with your kids! And "see" you back next week:)
Ohmydearests said…
love all these sweet faces! have a lovely week! <3
eileeninmd said…
Hello, they are all sweet happy children! It is great you are all friends. Wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!
Ida said…
How precious. They look like such happy children and the outing at the park was so cute/fun.

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