Internet Recipes

Do you ever see recipes on Facebook, Pinterest, or on someone's blog like mine and think you should make that or wonder if something is good as it looks?  Recently, my 9 year old saw two recipes for ice cream on the internet and begged if we could make them.  The recipes are for no churn style ice cream.  You may remember I made some strawberry no churn ice cream back in September.  It was a hit. What is great about this style of ice cream making doesn't require expensive equipment or freezing a ice cream maker bowl for 24 hours.  Literally, all you need is whip cream, a can of condensed milk, and vanilla or whatever flavoring you want to give your ice cream. Then from there you can add just about anything your heart desires.  Super Easy, it is affordable, and the kids love it! Now this ice cream will never replace the best ice cream or gelato, and I find it a little sweet, but really the  kids love it.  This time we made two kinds the first being birthday cake ice cream which requires vanilla, sprinkles, 3/4 cup of cake mix confetti, and blue icing.  The second was Cookie Monster ice cream which requires blue food coloring, chocolate chip cookie mini pieces crushed, oreo mini cookies, and vanilla.  See I told you super easy!!!Be generous with the food coloring as you can see mine wasn't that really dark blue of cookie monster.  What is your favorite recipe you have found on the internet?


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