Brothers BBQ and Dolphin Watching.

Frank woke in the middle of the night terribly ill. He couldn't stop throwing up and we still are not sure why; however, this left him unable to do anything on Sunday. After spending the morning at the pool, I packed up the kids and we headed off to a BBQ restaurant in Pensacola.  Don't judge, but the littles wanted McDonald's.  Winston, Roman, and I totally enjoyed our BBQ.  Super yummy!  When we got back to the hotel Frank was ready to get back in the game and we headed off to the pier to go dolphin watching.  The kids had a blast!  When I booked the reservation I was shocked at really how affordable it was to go!  The evening ended with the most gorgeous sunset.


Ohmydearests said…
oh! the dolphin watching looks amazing! one of my girls is so keen to swim with dolphins! gorgeous sunset! and that food looks delicious!
KL said…
What a beautiful sunset picture. And the kids look so happy, peaceful and serene. Lovely.
Unknown said…
How fun! And oh my goodness, your kids are getting so big! :)

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