Nauvoo Part 1

This past week Harris and Winston had the opportunity to travel to Nauvoo, Illinois to visit a church historical site.  You are probably wondering what church has a historical site in Nauvoo.  If you didn't all ready know, I am LDS also known as Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and some call us Mormons since we believe in the Book of Mormon.  You may or may not be familiar with my religion and those who are usually think they know about our religion because they have seen a play titled The Book of Mormon which I will say may be entertaining but is not accurate in it's details.  I don't really talk much about my religion here on this blog and that is not because I am embarrassed, but I hold my faith dear and don't really want this blog not to be a forum of debate. This blog is simply my and my families journey through life with a love of traveling, fun, and food; however, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  The early saints lived for a time period in Nauvoo it is where Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum last lived before being murdered in Carthage, Missouri.  After Joseph was murdered, that saints were given driven out of the state and many were killed and thus the migration west where they then settled in Salt Lake City.  From Atlanta the trip is a 14 hour drive, so on Wednesday of last week the drove up then they spent to days in the city and returned home late Saturday night.  They traveled with 208 youth from our church and another dozen leaders.  I am so grateful to all the hard work and preparation that went into making this trip possible. The boys had a blast spending time with their friends and straightening their testimonies not only in the church, but in Jesus Christ.


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